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Survey Report

This Needs and Challenges Analysis Report presents the findings of the research phase of the “Counter Hate” project (project ID 2018-2-LV02-KA205-002155). This document was built using data collection through online questionnaires carried out in four countries - Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain and Austria. This survey research was conducted as part of KA2 project “Counter Hate”, Strategic Partnership in the field of youth, supported by Erasmus+ Programme.

The purpose of the survey was to identify the level of knowledge as well as needs and challenges of youth workers to counter hate speech. The survey was developed for all youth workers, volunteers, professionals who work in sectors where they come into contact with young people.

Aim of the survey: To contribute in the right way at the necessity to tackle and prevent online hate speech among youth, each partner once project get approved will start to conduct local focus groups with the aim of gathering data related to online hate speech.

Target group: active youth workers that are based in EU (with a special focus on the 4 countries that participate on the project- Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain and Austria) and work with refugees.

Specific objectives:

- understand the knowledge that youth workers have about Hate Speech
- to grasp if youth workers have experience in dealing with Hate Speech and, if yes, using with methods and/or which tools
- identify if youth workers have enough tools/methods to effectively deal or prevent hate speech and in case not, what is missing or what would help to gain and develop the right tools

The results of the survey are used for the elaboration and development of the e-learning courses of the project.