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“Counter Hate” is a 16 months Strategic Partnership (SP) of non-profit organizations. Counter Hate focuses on promoting high-quality youth work aiming to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge and tools on online hate speech against migrants and refugees, and improve the preventative capabilities of youth workers by producing tailored responses, counter-narratives, and awareness raising campaigns.

This novel approach will aim to ensure that the youth workers will be able to gain competences and skills in a way that will be beneficial for the youth workers, the non-profit organizations and the young users who in a short term period will take advantage of high quality youth work that will better protect them by online perpetrators of hate speech.


Counter Hate focuses on promoting high-quality youth work in the social and digital field. The project aims to create innovative resources for youth work. These priorities are also the priorities of the participating organization which have gained significant experience in the field of digital education and social work. Supports the introduction of specialized training and e-learning courses for all youth organisations staff. Youth workers will understand how social media is used to recruit followers to the hate speech narrative and how monitor and analyse Internet and social media data and messages relatives to the phenomenon.

In all project activities, training and outputs will be underlined the role of NGOs and online and offline awareness campaigns against anti-migrant and anti-refugee hate speech online. At the moment, there is a clear lack of e-learning courses on this theme and youth organisations know very little about online hate speech and online perpetrators of hate. For this reason, in the project specific e-learning modules (IO1) will be dedicated to this topic.

At the same time, this project could be considered a sustainable investment aimed to enhance performance and efficiency of youth organisations because youth workers will not only receive new good knowledge and appropriate trainings on online hate speech and human rights but also the capacity to develop appropriate responses and counter-narratives to tackle online hate speech and so to avoid potential dangerous consequences to young users which often are not aware what is online hate speech.

Moreover, all the intellectual outputs and project activities will be realised in a way that will allow the new trained youth workers and the partners organisations to produce a positive impact on medium/long terms by: 

  1. Contributing to a better understanding of how Internet and social media can be used for preventing and combating online hate speech against migrants and refugees with targeted tools, responses, and best practices; 
  2. Analysing hate speeches more rapidly and, specifically, better identifying and understanding anti-migrant and anti-refugee hatred online, also in order to prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism; 
  3. Proactively targeting the needs of different target stakeholder groups (in particular, youth organisations and NGO) and supporting them in the fight against racism and xenophobia; 
  4. Improving, monitoring and reporting capabilities on hate speech online following the social media reporting rules of Council of Europe;
  5. Breaking down anti-migrant and anti-refugee stereotypes and reducing fear of crime and social distress. 
The Transferability and sustainability strategy will guarantee the overall exploitation of the project results and all digital materials produced will be present on project website both during and after the project lifetime.